Why I love what I do.


One of the joys of bookbinding is that the possibilities are nearly endless. From a creative standpoint, a book or journal can come in any form that you can think of. Typically, the sketchbooks and journals that I create will come in standard sizes from 3" x 5" - 6" x 9" in leather, wood, or a combination of the two. But realistically, they can come in many other forms.

Materials can range from thick card stocks, plastics, and even stone or glass. They can be as small as  1"x 2" or as large as 8.5" x 11". This is where it gets fun! 

Commissions are my favorite because I get to work up close and personal with a customer. I find out details on what they are looking for specifically in a product and break down the production process into categories making it as efficient as possible.

The breakdown is as follows:

1. Budget -
How much are you looking to spend on this? Keep in mind here is that I always use high quality materials, so anything coming out of this shop will stand a lifetime of use if properly cared for.

2. Base materials -
Are you looking for something made from wood? leather? Something else? I am always open to new ideas and love a challenge so feel free to pass your thoughts my way

4. Size -
Pretty straight forward; how big do you want it? Just about any dimension can be used up to 8.5" x 11". Any size over this, materials may have to be specially ordered.

5. Medium (use) -
Conservation? (scrap book/photo album, flower press). Writing, Sketching, or Painting? Paper stock can range in weight anywhere from 18 lb. to 140 lb. 
Remember that the possibilities are pretty endless here and I am always open to new ideas.

6. Binding -
Various weights, colors, and materials of threads or cords can be used to bind a book. (linen, hemp, cotton, leather, or sinew to name a few)

6. Embellishment -
   a. Inlay - Setting a small stone or pendant into a wooden cover.
   b. Personalize - stamp a name or initials into the cover of a leather sketchbook. 

Remember that you're only limited by your imagination here! 
It all boils down to commissions being the creation of an item that is entirely and specifically tailored to someones needs; there is nothing better than a truly satisfied customer.


I appreciate every single person who has supported me over the years. After all, they're the ones who allow me to keep doing what I enjoy; cheers to you!

Even nicer than the photo. It’s beautiful and inspiring, well made and I love it.
— "Winternight" - Nov 1st, 2017
Absolute perfection. Can’t wait to give this to my hubby for Christmas tomorrow. It’s his third one, and first custom book. Thanks again!!!
— Manda Bees - Dec 24th, 2016
I can’t even begin to say how wonderful this experience was. From the willingness to do a custom order, to prompt message responses, to an unbelievably quick “making time”, Brandon was amazing. I’ll be coming back for any other requests and just to see what beautiful work he has to offer.
— Nicole Stevens - Oct 19th, 2016
This item was a custom order that I asked Brandon to create as a gift for someone very close to me. He made the process super easy by communicating with me every step of the way, but ultimately I put my faith in his hands & the finished product is even better than I could have imagined. This wooden journal is super beautiful & so unique, & it arrived with a couple personal touches (a bag holding it & a letter) that were unexpected but highly appreciated. I’d highly recommend making a purchase from his store. Thank you!
— Paige Calkins - March 18th, 2016
This is the nicest journal I have ever owned. The workmanship is phenomenal, and well worth the price!!! I can’t say enough great things about this journal!
— Brittney Malesra - Feb 25th, 2016
Absolutely blown away but the craftsmanship of this notebook! It’s so gorgeous that I almost don’t want to write in it (but I most definitely will)! Brandon’s care with each detail is impeccable and the packaging that it comes with is stunning. Not to mention a detailed, typed note with a description of each aspect of the piece. HIGHLY recommend this shop!
— Sharrel Paul - Feb 11, 2016