Up and coming

So the dust is finally settling with the opening of the web store and the first order is already on its way out the door. Now I can focus on creating inventory and work on new journal collections ( a new post will be made with more detail on that later.) This post is focusing more on commissions, and new materials.


This last couple of weeks I have gotten my materials stocked for a variety of wood and leather journals is a range of sizes. For leather I have decided that I am going to stick to two main dimensions of 4" x 6" and 6" x 9" with custom sizing available for an additional commission based charge. For the wood journals, they will range in size quite a bit depending on the stock size that is purchased. Commission pricing is going to be a bit more for wood based journals as they take more time to produce (selection, cutting, and finishing) and will vary based on the kind of wood as well since some require special manufacturing. Fell free to Contact me for commission pricing if you have something specific in mind, as well as general questions or ideas.

New Materials

This week in production of leather journals I gotten multiple different materials to work with. Leather work is still a fairly new medium for me so I am trying to learn what types of leather I like best and what they are each well suited for.  My favorite line of leather so far has been utility leather, which is a heavy and incredibly versatile; generally used for chaps, bags, and cases.
*EDIT: Finding that this specific leather has a high oil content, as its main intention is for use is outdoors. I found that over a short period of time the pages of the journal absorb the oils from the leather and become stained. No longer in use.

Long stitch journal wrapped with high grade utility leather.

Long stitch journal wrapped with high grade utility leather.

My next favorite is kind of a draw. I cannot decide whether I like the tan gloss cowhide or the distressed sheepskin more, as each has individual characteristics which make desirable.

This glossy tan cowhide feels soft but durable.

This glossy tan cowhide feels soft but durable.

First of all, I love the weight of this leather. Fells like it could be used as a daily commuter journal and would really stand up to some abuse. The color is also nice; easy on the eyes with a soft earth tone with natural scarring, which adds to the character. To be honest, I didn't like the feel of it at first (sort of rubbery), but it grew on me as it varies per piece and wraps up quite nicely.

Next is the sheepskin. This hide came to me from a small tannery over in New York. and has a incredible appearance with natural scarring and a beautiful woodland distressed stain.
EDIT: Low durability with high oil content which transferred to the pages. No longer in use.

The weight of this hide was much thinner than I expected but it makes up for that with the texture and color, cannot wait to see what one of these journals looks like after a few months of wear on it.

Last but not least, the deerskin. An even lighter weight than the sheepskin, this leather is butter soft and has a great texture.

Soft light shows the velvety texture of this black deerskin

Soft light shows the velvety texture of this black deerskin

Since this leather is so soft and pliable, it may end up being double wrapped so the the journal has a bit more structure and protection. All in all it feels very luxurious and would work well as a special occasions journal.
*EDIT: Too this for use with anything above the size of 4" x 6". The thickness of the leather applies directly to how durable the piece is and therefor the ratio of cover thickness/pliability must match or best the weight of the interior, therefor protecting it.

So that wraps up the start of this weeks productivity. In the next couple of days I am hoping to get some wood covers prepped for binding and get those up in the shop! (you need to see this spalted alder I got my hands on!)

As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more exciting products later this week!